Raidgeworks Productions


Raidge is a veteran in the hip-hop community of Providence, RI. He's been a major contributor to the development of hip hop within the Inner city youth throughout the years. Cutting his first demo back in 1993 at Power Play Studios in New York, Raidge decided to stay in RI and cultivate the movement locally, with so much local talent needing guidance he became an integral part of the Providence Black Repertory Company (PBRC) in 1998 and helped to create a platform for local artists to develop and display their talent with a performance workshop called Round Midnight "A Rapper's Delight".  Releasing an EP in 1999 entitled Chameleons-n-Piranhas with the local label, New Realm Records and D.U.N.A.T. PRODUCTIONS featuring Blank Fasiz, Raidge began work on creating an album titled Borderline Bliss. Venturing deeper into the Arts & Entertainment District in RI performing as an actor in theater productions with PBRC, Raidge found himself as an Artist/Teacher Co-creating programs and in-school/after-school programming and workshops in the Providence Public School System which, in turn, delayed the release of the album. Taking a long hiatus from the Hiphop stage due to this development, music production and recording of his personal ideas did not stop for him. Now he re-emerges with a new single and an album entitled Cosmic Alterations set to release this spring.