1. Wypipo
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Written and Produced by Raidge for Raidgeworks Productions Copyright 2020
Recorded by Sammy D'Ambruoso at Studio Blue 111 Summer Street Providence, RI 02903




Hey everybody!
Thank you for joining us
Here tonight!
I’m gon let y’all know
Rat now this not a statement or song against or about
White People...
This a song about
You’ll see what I mean,
We just gon follow someone
Through their day in form..
Mornin time!
Here we go.

1st verse
He had an interview
Borrowed pops tie
But he knew it
Wouldn’t matter
Cause of the tat
Above the eye
He was a kid when he did it
It fitted
Now it’s ridiculous
But all of a sudden
The stigma sticks
With us
See he was sharp
Seen the scheme of
The block quick
Be Assailant or vic
Ain’t hard to know
Which to pick
But that was a
Long time ago
Daugter bout to
Turn four
Hustling don’t
Work no more so
Trying to get
That 8 to 4 But...
The minute he walked
Through the door
All their faces
Hit the floor
It’s like he drew
The longest straw
Not it!
Feeling funny
On the way home
Stopped to grab
A pint, the Asian lady
All on her phone
Waited patiently
Then asked
Can she ring him out... she
Cussed him out
Threw his change at him
It was strange to him
He rushed out.
Fucks that all about..
He kept thinking
It dawned on him
That this feeling was
His heart sinking
Hit reached his gate
Pops asking
What happened?
But you wanna take a nap
And that ain’t really
What’s happening.
Y’all start rappin
He tells you
they were racist
You say
But what’s a racist?
And why is that
What I’m facing?
That’s when he says
Wypipo hate
For no reason
So naturally
You ask why?
He said
The Africans enslaved
Them years ago
So this is like pay back
You ask why?
Then Pop said
They were different
Rabble rousers
Spreading lies
So they had to
Kick em out.
So now he’s
Really confused
Started focusing on
All the abuse
So, This is why
They so rude?
He’s thinking...

Repeat Chorus

Every time I go outside
I see Wypipo
But wypipo don’t know me
And I don’t know

Every time I close my eyes
I see Wypipo
But wypipo don’t know me
And I don’t know

Verse 2

She said she wanna
Meet the family
Damn, Bee!
Cause he don’t think she
Ready for the anarchy
My granddaddy
Staying with us
And I know he don’t trust
Hope he don’t
Make a fuss
He said it’s fine
Like it’s a fantasy
Why can’t it be
The way it used to be
Hide and seek
Now we see
All the way the
Hate grows candidly
He tried to prep
Said he’s bringing a guest
Could see it all in his chest
And his reply wasn’t mannerly
What you mean a guest
You acting funny..
Better not bring no crack-
He cut him off
With the balladry
Started singing
Grandad, you know
You can’t stay mad at me
He went to pick up Betty
And that’ll be
The start of a great night
Hit the door
He took flight
Hold the fuck up!
Fuck is this white
Bitch doing here!
Betty starts crying
My pop’s dying
I’m eyeing Grandad
Cause he was casually
Eating and straight bodying
Betty with slurs
‘fore he can get in a word
He wished it was
Another galaxy
He said Daddy help me
Pop said you on your own
With this one, son.
Why tonight
With the savagery??
Betty wants to leave
Pulling on my sleeve
Granddaddy looking at her
Like he wants to
See her bleed
I’m trying to tell her
Not to pay him no mind
She said
The fuck? Is you blind?
Stop wasting my time.
I don’t need this
Stupidness, black racist
Bullshit! Speaking to me
So callously!
She Left by herself!
We in the hood,
She didn’t care.
And I’ve never been
so mad at me.
Looking at my family
They beautiful!
But so hateful
At the same time
It baffles me.
How are we ever
Gonna live peaceably
When you’re hating
Me at the same time that
You’re policing me?
I think they hate
Themselves more
And that can be
The first step to
Ending the agony
I don’t wanna see them
Call in the Calvary
Scorch the earth
If you look close
You’ll see with clarity.
You’ll produce an enemy
Every instance you
Batter me.
Only love can
Change things magically.
You want love and
Can’t show it’s reflection
But that’s your protection
Master that law
You’ll get your flattery.

Repeat Chorus

Every time I go outside
I see Wypipo
But wypipo don’t know me
And I don’t know

And Every time I close my eyes
I see Wypipo
But wypipo don’t know me
And I don’t know